India with mandatory registration for electronic equipment

The Indian governmental Department of Electronics & IT (DeitY) issued on 17 Sept. this year a new Order (regulation) concerning Compulsory Registration of electronic equipment marketed in India.

It covers 15 identified types of electronic products and the assurance that these comply with specified safety standards. The Order, which is under the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Rules Act, will come into effect after six months of its publication in the official Gazette. However, the order does not apply to products meant for export.

The scheme implies that no person shall by himself or through any person on his behalf manufacture or store for sale, import, sell or distribute the specified electronic products which do not conform to the specified Indian Standard (IS). The products shall bear the words “Self declaration – Conforming to IS…”, after obtaining Registration from the BIS. Nemko is preparing to help customers with such registration, supported by our Indian partner CII as needed.

For more information, please contact: Rahul [dot] Sankhayan [at] nemko [dot] com