IN-SITU testing

Traditionally almost all testing is conducted in a laboratory, under controlled conditions with stable environmental conditions, i.e. ambient noise, temperature and humidity. These tests are usually conducted in isolated chambers or shielded rooms, and the equipment under test can be configured and manipulated the way you want.

IN-SITU testing is normally conducted on:

  • Units and systems that are too big to fit into a laboratory
  • Products with specific requirements to the power supply, which makes it impossible to test them any other place than at the manufacturers production facilities or at a real installation.

To solve these problems Nemko offers IN-SITU testing

  • This means we bring our test out to the equipment that should be tested, whether it is located in an assembly hall, in a special test jig or in a final installation site.
  • We conduct full testing of the equipment on site, the same as we would have done in the laboratory.
  • Some of the tests have to be adjusted to fit the situation and other coping methods may have to be utilized.
  • These methods may require other testing levels. For examples, a few tests cannot be conducted outside a shielded environment, hence have to be replaced by other methods.

Nemko plans these actions in advance, in cooperation with the manufacturer, and a test plan can be prepared.

After the tests have been conducted, they are documented in a test report. If the product is to be CE-marked, Nemko can prepare a Technical Construction File (TCF) for the equipment.