Machinery CE Certification Directive

Nemko India has rich & extensive experience with the safety testing of industrial equipment & machinery. 

As global economies continue to expand, with the discovery of new technologies, the demand for printing, paper, food, textile & other industrial machinery is growing. Considering applicable regulations directives, our assessment will minimize machine defects & maximize in-compliance of your machinery & industrial machinery to comply with the Directive 2006/42/EC for Ce marking machinery directive. Reports & Certificates issued by us are internationally recognized which displays the manufacturer’s commitment to high-quality standards. As an accredited test lab for machinery and industrial equipment for CE Certification, we are a big player in industrial machine inspection, CE marking machinery testing & verification.

How Nemko can help :

  1. Support you with new product development
  2. Support you with worldwide market access (excluding India)
  3. Support you with reduction of time to market

Our test inspection facilities for machinery and industrial equipment (Directive 2006/42/EC)) include but not limited to:

  1. Control function
  2. Determination of limits of machinery
  3. Documentation of risk assessment & risk reduction
  4. Electrical motors & associated equipment
  5. Earth resistance
  6. Hazard identification 
  7. Inherently safe design measures
  8. Protection against electric shock,  etc.

The government of India is in process of regulating mandatory safety requirements for machinery & has released a draft OTR (Omnibus Technical Regulation). Soon the final notification will be released.

For the latest notifications & circulars, please refer here

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