Adoption status for 62368-1 in selected markets

  IT/AV standards currently accepted   Corrresponding IEC 62368-1 version Can CB be used to apply for national certification? 62368-1 first use date (may be used as an alternative to 60065 or 60950-1) Group or national differences to IEC 62368-1 ed.2 62368-1 mandatory use dat (fully replaces 60065 and 60950-1)

AS/NZS 60950.1: 2015
AS/NZS 60065:2018
AS/NZS 62368:2018

Ed. 2 Yes Feb 2018 Yes 15 Feb 2022

GB4943.1-2011 (IT)GB8898-2011 (AV)

N/A N/A   Yes  
Eurasian Economic Union (Eurasian Customs Union)

IEC 60950-1
IEC 60065
IEC 62368-1: 2010
GOST IEC 62368-1:2014

Ed. 1 Yes   No  
Germany EN60950-1:2013 (IT) EN60065:2014 (AV)EN62368-1:2014 Ed. 2 Ed. 2 Yes   Yes Dec 2020

IEC 60950-1:2005
IEC 60065:2005

N/A No. Local testing required.      
South Korea


N/A Yes   N/A  

ДСТУ EN 60950-1
ДСТУ EN 60065
IEC 62368-1: 2014

Ed. 2 Yes   No  
Vietnam ITE and A/V prod-ucts not mandatory N/A No   N/A  

Last updated 25. October, 2019

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