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    October 3, 2023

    Update on Chinese Certification Regulations for Wireless Telecom Products



    - New Regulation for wireless telecom products  
    The Chinese Ministry for Information Technology (MIIT) has announced that from 15 
    October this year, all new applications for type approval of radio transmitting equipment (the SRRC) must comply with the new Regulation No.129 “Notice on Strengthening & Standardizing the Radio Management of 2400 MHz, 5100 MHz, and 5800 MHz bands” which was published in October 2021 with a two-year transitional period. 

    All wireless equipment and/or module requires additional tests (based on the type of wireless transmission type/frequency). Manufacturers with existing China SRRC Certificates must complete the update to the new regulation within the end of 2025.
    Regulation No. 129 has added various interference avoidance technical requirements for wireless transmission equipment, including “pre-transmission scanning”, “monitoring and avoidance”, and “Medium Utilization (MU)” for equivalent occupancy rate.
    For applications under the old regulation, the certificate is valid until 21 December 2025, while the validity is 5 years for applications under the new regulation.

    The MIIT announcement may be seen in full here .

    MIIT has also issued a Notice (No. 47-23) about “Revising and Issuing the Model Approval Certificate Format and "CMIIT ID" Code Encoding Rules for Radio Transmission Equipment”, which shall be effective from 1 December this year. The new certificate format has two pages of attachments with more details on technical specifications as well as factory information.
    And, the coding-ID will no longer be released by SRRC, but partly be managed by the companies themselves. The official Notice may be seen here.

    - Revised list of products needing compulsory CCC certification/mark
    The authority CNCA has by a Notice (No.36-2023) published a revised version of the "Compulsory Product
    Certification Catalog Description and Definition Table (Rev.2023)
    ", which includes a total of 96 types of products in

    16 categories. It replaces the version issued in 2020 and excludes 9 catalogs as already announced by Notice No.34 in November 2022.
    The official Notice No.36 may be seen

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    (Article is based on the info provided by Vanessa Wen and edited by T.Sollie)

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