The Regulatory Process for Medical Devices

14:00 (GMT +2)

Join our webinar and get a quick guide to the Regulatory Process for Medical Devices.

The European Medical Device Directives are implemented in Scandinavia with National laws and many start-up companies find it challenging to manage the regulatory process in line with the development of their medical device.

When a new device is being developed, the regulatory process should start at the same time as the development process and be completed when the device is ready to be released into the market.

Working in a regulatory process integrated into the unit's development will identify regulatory requirements early and reduce cost and time to market. Early awareness of requirements and standards will reduce redesign and retesting, which often causes delay in the development of the device.

A medical device in accordance with the regulatory requirements has higher value for both manufacturers, investors, buyers and users. A start-up company will increase its market share faster by offering a device that meets the regulatory requirements and is ready for the market.

So how do you do this?!

Join our webinar and listen to our Nemko-expert guide you through the regulatory process step by step.

The webinar is in english, is free of charge and last for approx. 30 minutes.
There will be opportunities to ask questions.



Geir Olav Wang
Key Account Manager Nemko Scandinavia

Geir Olav has been working for Nemko for 15 years. He has held numerous positions within sales, marketing and product development and has in the recent years specialized in medical equipment and been involved in the sale and development of Nemko's services for this segment.