Cyber security workshop

How do the new cyber security regulations and standards affect your products and how can this be to your advantage? How can cyber threats affect your product and your company's reputation?
To get the answers, sign up for this Nemko cyber security workshop!

During the workshop, held by our cyber security evaluators, we’ll take you through the process to ensure your product complies to the new European cyber security standard, ETSI/EN 303 645. The workshop will be tailored for your company and your product. 

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • To what extent your product meets the ETSI/EN 303 645 and a GAP analysis of what is not met
  • A better understanding of the IoT  - the cyber security standard and Certification Services
  • ​The major benefits from using a defined standard rather than various “best practices” 

Who is the workshop suitable for? 

  • People working with R&D of IoTs and responsible for security 
  • Manufacturers of IoTs and buyers implementing IoTs into their products 

What will be covered in the workshop? 

  • The participants will receive the standard and a checklist to complete before the workshop 
  • During the workshop there will be a walkthrough with a Nemko cyber security evaluator on the requirements of the ETSI/EN standard, applicable to your product 
  • Evaluation and validation of your product and documentation 
  • At the end of the workshop, there will be a gap analysis with a checklist showing what is required to comply to the ETSI/EN standard

Duration: 4 hours (physical meeting or via Teams)
Price: NOK 14 000 (per company)
Date: To be decided together with the cyber security evaluator

Leave your contact information, and our cyber security evaluator will contact you for an informal chat.