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    International approval by region

    Get global market access for your electrical products through “Nemko Direct” (excluding India).

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    Nemko offers a variety of certification services to demonstrate that your products have the necessary third-party approvals to get to market.

    "Trade Barriers" are restrictions that government impose in the form of product testing and certification requirements. Manufacturers must overcome these barriers for Global Market Access. Creating a product that meets the regulations of all the leading markets in the world is a valuable approach for the manufacturers.However the process of obtaining different approvals for different markets can be completed , time consuming and expensive. If not handeled properly the company would lose its competitive edge despite a high level product. Nemko Direct (excluding India) conquers barriers and give you regulatory access to the countries (International approvals) you want in the shortest possible time. You let Nemko Direct (excluding India) undertake the burden of submitting an application, necessary documentation, to follow-up, and communicate with foreign approvals agencies. Through our unique combination of local presence, international networks, and bi-lateral agreements Nemko Direct (excluding India) has obtained more than twenty thousand certificates during the last fifteen years. Through our IA program (International approval), you can cover your certification needs for Europe, North America, Telecom & wireless equipment certification with Nemko Canada & Gulf states.

    Our International Approval services include but not limited to:

    1. CE
    2. NRTL (Both US & Canada)
    3. FCC
    4. G-Mark
    5. GS-Mark
    6. N-Mark
    7. SABER
    8. ENEC Mark
    9. CB Certification scheme


    For further details on international approval / global market access, please check related links or contact us or mail us at or give us a call at +91-9205690574 . 

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    Since 1933, Nemko has ensured that customers comply with new and existing requirements anywhere in the world. With their recognized cyber security expertise paired with active involvement in standards development and implementation, Nemko is proud to offer a global, single source solution for testing and product certification.

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