The International Centre, Hall 5, Aviation Ballroom 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8 Hall: Meeting Room 508

Using pre-approved radio modules - March 7, 2019 (Mississauga)

Holiday Inn & Suites Pointe-Claire 6700, Route Transcanadienne, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1C2 Hall: Chardonnay Room

Using pre-approved radio modules - March 5, 2019 (Montreal/Pointe-Claire)

Meet Ullevål, Sognsveien 77C, 0855 Oslo


CE – også for smarte produkter!

Vi vet at «alle» elektriske produkter må CE merkes, men hvordan endrer dette seg når produktene blir smarte? Når Amazons Alexa flytter inn i varmeovnen for å si det slik? Hvilke endrede krav stilles og hvordan løses dette enklest og mest mulig kosteffektivt?

Scandic Hotel Fornebu, Martin Linges vei 2, Fornebu, Norway

In June 2019, Nemko will arrange a two-day event related to international market access requirements in technical standards, the regulatory situation and processes involved to gain market access worldwide.
The 2019 event will be the 25th annual seminar hosted by Nemko. This year is also very special as we are able to invite all participants to our brand-new headquarters!

維多麗亞酒店Grand Victoria Hotel 3樓 維多麗亞A廳 104台北市中山區敬業四路168號

有鑑於IEC/EN 62368-X標準的相關訊息相當混亂,造成產業在導入新世代標準時感到疑惑,Nemko 預計在2018年10月09日於台北維多麗亞酒店舉辦 HBSE 62368-X 課程,內容掌握62368-1 第2版過渡至第3版的重點分析,同時如何符合 IEC 62368 第3版結構審查,非常誠摯邀請您的參加!


The seminar will highlight relevant and important updates in various regions concerning market access and requirements in technical standards for Information Technology Equipment. The seminar benefits all professionals in management, legal, compliance, regulatory and engineering who require a better understanding of the international approval system in order to launch product worldwide in the shortest time possible.


欧盟官方日记已经正式将EN 62368-1 的DoC (替换旧版标准)时间更改为2020年12月20日。这意味着从2020年12月20日起,进入欧盟市场的信息技术及视听设备产品的CE技术文档和制造商声明文件上必须使用EN 62368-1 版的标准。 IEC 62368-1 第三版标准草稿已经开始流通,预计下半年将会正式发布。

KS Agenda, Haakon VII's gate 9, 0123 Oslo, Norway

Don't miss out on the latest updates in various regions concerning market access and requirements in technical standards - register today!