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    Nemko USA’s 2022

    Certification and International Market Access Seminar

    Join us September 26th-27th!

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    We will be hosting our Certification and International Market Access Seminar in Oceanside, CA, September 26th - 27th! The 2-day event will provide critical training on the latest global regulations for ITE and Wireless products.

    When: September 26th - 27th 

    Where: SpringHill Suites by Marriott San Diego Oceanside 110 N Myers St, Oceanside, CA 92054

    Cost: $500 per person

    Topics covered:

    • Keynote: Compliance Challenges OEM Integrators Face, presented by Brandon Quintana of Avnet Integrated
    • Keynote: An Overview of SAR Requirements Globally, presented by Jay Moulton of RF Exposure Lab
    • Keynote: Design for Compliance, presented by Paul Melanson of Dell Technologies
      • How compliant product supports profitability
      • Growing environmental considerations and design for brand promotion
      • How to integrate requirements into design specs
      • How to adapt to transitions to ensure future compliance (some material out of my other presentations)
      • Considerations for part numbers and SKUs vs. Regulatory Models (where there are differences too, like India)
      • Labeling considerations – size, location, complexity, print-on-demand, print in blocks
    • Overview of compliance label rules for selling your products worldwide (Challenges and Standardization)
    • The Challenge of Integrating machine-to-machine (M2M) Communications across Industries
    • Cyber Security for IoT, are you ready for market access to the EU after Aug 1, 2024?
    • The Challenges of IoT Integration and How to Address Them
      • Compatibility and interoperability
      • Security
      • Connectivity
    • Overview of RoHS Requirements All Over the World with an emphasis on Saudi Arabia SASO RoHS Conformity
    • Update on regulatory requirements in Asia
      • Taiwan acceptance of IEC 62368-1 and CISPR 32 (BSMI New Standards CNS 15589-1 (Safety) and CNS15936 (EMC) for IT/AV devices)
      • China Update ( New EMC standard GB/T 9254.1-2021 (CISPR 32:2015), and will China accept IECEE/CB Scheme CBTC/TRs for the EMC testing in lieu of in-country testing)
      • Overview of Indonesia Market Access Requirements including new mandatory requirements for Ethernet Network Telecommunication Devices
      • Update on India (BIS and TEC)
      • Vietnam - Draft National Technical Regulation on Electrical Safety Requirements for Telecommunication and Information Terminal Equipment
    • Regulatory requirements in Africa
      • Overview of South Africa (NRCS Safety LoA, SABS EMC, and ICASA Type Approval)
      • Type Approval Requirements for non-RF devices
      • Overview of PVoC (Pre-Export Verification of Conformity) for Africa
    • Update on regulatory requirements in US and Canada
      • ISED Canada – Administrative, Certification, and Standards updates on Radio and RF Exposure
      • FCC – Administrative, EMC, Wireless Power Transfer, Key Spectrum Proceedings, New RF Exposure Policies, Procedures, and Rules
    • Overview of compliance in Mexico, Central America, and South America
      • Basic compliance requirements for ITE and consumer electronics products
      • Update on Adoption of 6 GHz Band
      • Mexico – Update on the new PROY-NOM-019, NMX-I-62368-1-NYCE-2020, and IFETEL modification for PEC and new homologation guidelines
    • Update on regulatory requirements in Europe and United Kingdom
      • EU and UK – Administrative, regulatory, and standard updates and changes
    • In-depth round table discussion on new requirements and technical issues in key markets, and much more!

    View the agenda here

    Who should attend: Product manager, Design engineers, Regulatory managers, Logistics professionals, etc.

    What to expect: Networking is vital in the Testing, Inspection, and Certification industry, and Nemko's events are meant to bring people together to discuss regulatory challenges in a very open and non-confrontational manner. Attendees will benefit from an open discussion of the "intent" of the standard and laws vs. a dry overview of the documents themselves.

    Register today!