Annual IEC General Meeting in Vladivostok

The Russian National Committee of the IEC, c/o Federal Agency on Technical Regulating & Metrology (Rosstandart) hosted the 81st annual IEC General Meeting, which took place in Vladivostok from the 9th until 13th of October.

This year, about 1500 representatives of industry and relevant bodies from 83 IEC member countries and 84 affiliate member countries participated in the meeting which was organised in the exquisite premises of Far East Federal University (FEFU). 

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Vladivostok is a city 7 time zones East of the Russian capital Moscow and located not far from the borders of China and North Korea. The recurring theme for this year “Standardizing Diversity”, chosen by the host, is reflected in the fact that the Russian territory encompasses enormous diversity e.g. climate, with temperatures ranging from -60 C in the North to +40 C in the South, and spans 8 time zones from East to West. 

In addition to statutory managerial meetings, it[Office1]  was also the venue of more than 100 meetings of Technical Committees and their sub-committees, Nemko being represented in several of them. 
Trond Sollie participated in the managerial meetings as the President of the Norwegian IEC National Committee and was re-elected by the IEC Council as member of IEC-CAB (Conformity Assessment Board). Mr. Tore Tomter from Siemens Norway was elected a member of the IEC Council Board. 
The new IEC President, Mr. James Shannon from the US chaired this year’s statutory Council meeting.

In addition, this was an opportunity for various bilateral discussions and agreements between the European and US standardisation organizations, and for Nemko to consult the managers of product approval bodies in various countries, in particular those from Middle East and Africa.