Elected into IEC’s Conformity Assessment Board

At the 78th annual General Meeting of IEC (the International Electrotechnical Commission) in Tokyo last week, Mr.Trond Sollie, representing NEK and Nemko, was by the current 86 member countries of the IEC chosen as one of two freely elected new Board Members in the Conformity Assessment Board (CAB).

The Board consists of 12 members elected for a 3 year term and is responsible for  conformity assessment affairs within IEC.  Thus, it is the superior management body for IEC’s present four conformity assessment systems, i.e.

  • The IECEE; operating the very successful CB scheme for certification of electrical products in general.
  • The IECEx; the fast growing scheme for certification of explosion protected electrical equipment and also associated workshops and personnel.
  • The IECQ; the well-established scheme for certification of electronic micro-components and system for hazardous substances management.
  • The IECRE; the recently established conformity assessment system for renewable energy equipment and systems (concerning solar-, wind-, wave energy).

Trond Sollie
Trond Sollie

Trond is now Senior Corporate Advisor to the Nemko Group management, stationed at Nemko’s head office in Oslo, Norway. Until official retirement last year, he was Senior Vice President of the company with responsibility for international cooperation. He has more than 30 years of experience with conformity assessment activities in different industrial contexts both in Norway and internationally. Since 2004 he has been Chairman of the Board of NEK (the electrotechnical standards body in Norway) and thereby President of the Norwegian Member Body of both IEC and the European CENELEC, representing Nemko, NEK and Norway in different forums concerning standardization and conformity assessment at European- and international levels.