The Hazard Based standard, EN 62368-1, will supersede EN 60950-1 and EN 60065. Are you prepared?

In Europe, all audio/video, IT and communication products will need to show compliance in accordance with EN 62368-1 by 20 December 2020. Given the substantial market for IT/AV products, it will be crucial for most manufacturers to have a transition plan for the new Hazard Based standard, both for Europe and worldwide.

Nemko offers a broad range of compliance-related services

The services we recommend to you are based on your product, which markets you will sell to and at what time. The transition is complex, with different adoption status for IEC 62368-1 in the different markets. At Nemko, we offer our customers the best option in each case. To find out which option will be the best for your company, contact us today

Why is the standard changing?

As technologies converge, products must rely on both their physical components and integrated software to function safely and reliably. Multimedia products are increasingly falling under both IEC 60065 (AV equipment) and IEC 60950-1 (IT equipment).

The IEC 62368-1 safety standard was developed to converge these two standards with specific criteria based on requirements that take into account the energy sources, safeguards and the intended user to ensure safety.

Why you should act now

Broad changes in standards and regulations will always pose a threat to the balance of product design, production and marketing. Being late can cause these delicate systems to halt, as a steep learning curve combined with new routines and equipment take more time and resources than planned. Nemko understands that time to market and quality are vital to ensure that sales of your product do not suffer.

Products covered by the new standard

If you deal with any of the following product categories, the IEC 62368-1 standard will affect your business:

  • Computing & networking products: servers, PCs, routers, laptop/notebook/tablets and their power supplies.
  • Consumer electronics: amplifiers, digital cameras, music players and home theatre systems.
  • Display units: digital projectors, TVs and monitors.
  • Telecommunication products: network infrastructure equipment (LAN, VAN), cordless and mobile phones, and similar communication devices, including battery-powered devices.
  • Office appliances: copiers and document shredders.
  • Various other types of home or business equipment: devices used in homes, schools, data processing centres, commercial, and professional environments.

Why choose us?

We are a leader in international testing, inspection and certification. As a long-time member of relevant IEC committees, including TC 108, we have been involved in the development of each edition of IEC 62368-1. Our in-depth knowledge of the standard benefits customers during pre-compliance, testing, certification and global market access. We can tailor a customised plan to ensure your product is ready for the market - now and in the future.

What we can offer

We offer a number of services for 62368-1, both general services and customized services.

  • Seminars
  • Training, workshops and jointtesting
  • Gap analyses
  • Full test service, including test reports
  • Certifications, both European, International and USA/Canada (Nemko mark, NRTL, ENEC,GS)
  • Global market access

Global market access

The adoption time for IEC 62368-1 varies from market to market, adding to the complexity of the transition to the standard. If you are planning to sell to multiple markets, it is crucial that you understand on which standard the various markets base their market access requirements. As we come closer to the end of EN 60065 and EN 60950-1 in Europe, we foresee that more companies will need to test and certify for two parallel standards. You can find the latest overview of the adoption status for some of the major markets here.

Nemko is a global leader in market access services. We are one of the pioneers in this field and have helped some of the world’s largest brand names get their products into the markets in the fastest and most cost-effective manner. To find out how we can help you create a custom-made plan for your product and your markets, click here and we will get in touch with you shortly.