Latest update on implementation of EN 62368-1:2014 (edition 2)

The Date of Withdrawal (DOW), the official latest date by which the national standards (i.e. EN 60065 & EN 60950-1) conflicting with EN 62368-1:2014 have to be withdrawn, is changed by CENELEC from 20 June 2019 to 20 Dec 2020.

The extended ‘Date of Cessation’ (DOC) on EU Directives, with listing in the Official Journal of the European Communities (OJ) for EN 62368-1:2014 has not yet been published by the EU Commission.
Following the IEC TC108 meeting in Brussels in March 2018, a CENELEC representative advised that it is likely that the (DOC) will be extended to 20 Dec 2020, and should be confirmed in the Official Journal by the end of May 2018. 
It was also informed that the Commission has no ‘technical’ concerns/reasons for the delay aligning this formal EU LVD transition date (DOC) with the CENELEC (DOW).

At this point it is anticipated that the US will align their UL 62368-1 transition date with the OJ’s published date. 

Additional information on the progress of IEC 62368-1 edition 3:
The final draft of IEC 62368-1 edition 3 is due for circulation by the end of April 2018. IEC publication target is still Q3 2018.