To Lysaker after 60 years at Gaustad

Nemko is moving its headquarters from Gaustadalléen in Oslo to a new and environmentally friendly building in Philip Pedersens vei at Lysaker on the west side of Oslo in May 2019.

Nemko has been headquartered at Gaustad since the 1950s. The new headquarters have been designed and optimized according to Nemko’s requirements. The location gives Nemko the opportunity to strengthen its position in the market.

Electronic products are continuously becoming more technologically advanced, and the requirements for testing and certification are therefore comprehensive. Products must be taken through various stages of testing, and the different processes demand many types of expertise. The new offices and laboratory facilities will provide a more effective production flow that is better adapted to Nemko’s organisation, and will offer greater possibilities for increased sharing of competence.

The headquarters will cover approximately 4800 m2 in three levels. The building will be certified according to the BREEAM environmental level ‘excellent’. This requires increased focus on indoor air quality, ecology, lifecycle, waste management and consumption of energy and water. The building is designed by Henning Larsen Architects and is built by NCC.

We are looking forward to moving in to a building that is tailored to our current and future needs, and will move during the course of May, 2019.