Nemko lab reveals the truth behind EcoVolt

Norway’s popular television program «TV 2 hjelper deg» was asked by viewers to test a small gadget that supposedly saves consumers 50 percent off their electricity bill. The experts at Nemko’s Oslo lab found out the truth behind these claims.

Photos by Nemko/Damir Cvetojevic

The Nemko lab in Oslo was host to a full camera crew when the consumer television program «TV 2 hjelper deg» (TV 2 Helps You) asked for assistance in testing a product called EcoVolt, which has been marketed on Facebook with the claim that it can save 50 percent of your home electricity bill, just by plugging it in to your outlet.

Tore Ledaal, Nemko Group Senior Vice President Lab Operations, hosted the television film crew. Nemko provides domain expertise that is impartial, ensuring that consumers can trust the results of the test. Ledaal has tested various devices for media that focus on consumer advice during recent years.

The gadget was put to the test in Nemko’s lab. The product is marketed under various names, including EcoVolt, Power Factor Saver and EcoWatt365.

Even before using the testing equipment, Ledaal could see that the product did not comply with its supposed CE-marking. It failed to list the model name and the name and address of both the producer and the importer. This should cause alarm bells to ring when consumers receive the product.

“Consumers need to be more aware, especially regarding products purchased online,” says Ledaal, whose background is in electrical engineering. “It’s getting so easy now to buy products that are in fact dangerous.”

After plugging the EcoVolt into a mulitmeter at the Nemko lab that reads voltage, current, voltampere and wattage, it becomes evident that the only number that changes is the voltampere. Consumers pay only for wattage.










The voltampere can be affected by the EcoVolt, but the effect is dependent on the load on the network. The results can be either positive or negative, but the only benefit is to your electricity provider. However, with the size of the components in EcoVolt this is insignificant. The change will not affect your electricity bill at all. In fact, since the device itself is dependent on electricity to run, it will slightly increase your electricity bill.

The verdict: the EcoVolt device is worse than useless.


“Use common sense,” says Ledaal. “If something is too good to be true, it usually is.”