New standard for prevention of cooktop fires

EN 50615:2015- Particular requirements for devices for fire prevention and suppression for electric hobs (cooktops)



Incorrect use of cooktops has for many years been one of the most frequent reasons for fires originated by electrical appliances.

A Working Group within the European standardisation organisation Cenelec has, based on a mandate from the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association, developed a safety standard for protective devices for fire prevention                                                                   


Standard available EN 50615:2015 is ratified and will be available 2015-03-06.
Date of withdrawal (dow) for this standard, i.e. latest date by which national standards conflicting with this EN have to be withdrawn, is 2018-01-05.
Relation to
EN 60335-1

The European Standard EN 50615 applies in conjunction with EN 60335-1:2012 and its amendments, and supplements or modifies the corresponding clauses of this standard.

EN 60335-1:2012;       Household and similar electrical appliances
                                    Safety - Part 1: General requirements

Scope of the standard

The standard deals with the safety of electric devices used for detection, prevention and suppression of fire originated:

  • From a cooking process, or
  • From flammable material left on the hob

Categories of fire protection devices defined by this standard

Category A

            Device for extinguishing and simultaneous power cut-off of the appliance

Category B

            Device for preventive power cut-off of the appliance

Category AB

            Device for preventive power cut-off of the appliance, followed by extinguishing, if flame occurs

Test equipment / conditions required by the standard

  • A test room having a volume between 20 m³ and 30 m³
  • Possibility to adjust the temperature in the test room to 40°C
  • A hob with six hob elements, as defined in EN 60335-2-31:2003 (standard for range hoods)
  • A hob with four elements, as defined in EN 60335-2-31:2003
  • Pans, as defined in 60335-2-6:2003 (standard for cooking ranges, ovens, hobs)
  • Sunflower oil
  • Base cabinets (kitchen furniture)

Additional information

The Norwegian standard NEK 400:2014, Electrical low voltage installations, already requires protection systems according to this standard to be mounted in new installations.
NEK 400 only recognizes category B and AB devices, meaning that it is requested that the device reacts and cut the power to the appliance before a fire starts.


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