Specific Saudi developments

For electrical products on the GSO ‘List 2’ under the regional Gulf Technical Regulation; it is hereafter a prerequisite for obtaining shipment-CoC (Certificate of Conformity) as needed for market access in Saudi Arabia, to have a product certificate issued by a Gulf Notified Body and associated G-marking.

SASO in Saudi Arabia is also preparing a product certification scheme for other products. An IT-based system denoted SABER, which is instrumental for this purpose, is currently being developed. The system is expected ready for conditional use from 1 February and is mandatory from 1 July this year. Nemko is in the process of being accepted for offering product certification also under the new scheme.

This is apparently a part of the Saudi Products Safety Program (SALEEM) which is a strategic program for enhanced and more efficient assurance of safety and quality of products for consumers and others concerned, and is a feature of the country’s “Vision 2030”.

For further information and/or application for shipment CoCs for Saudi Arabia, please contact Hatim.Afaneh@nemko.com