Status of replacing the safety standards for IT- and audio/video products

The ‘Date of Withdrawal’ (DOW) for the European standards for IT products (EN 60950-1) and audio/video products (EN 60065), which conflict with the combined new hazard based standard (EN 62368-1), has been changed by the European standards body CENELEC from 20 June 2019 to 20 December 2020.

The corresponding extended ‘Date of Cessation’ (DOC) for use of EN 62368-1 under relevant European Directives (primarily the Low Voltage Directive), is not yet published by the European Commission in the EU Official Journal. 
It is, however, likely that also the DOC will be extended to 20 Dec 2020 as the Commission does not apparently have any technical concerns in this regard. The postponement is expected to be confirmed in the Official Journal by the end of May this year. 

It is also anticipated that in the US, the transition date for their corresponding standard UL 62368-1 will be aligned with the European date.

It may be noted that the final draft of the 3rd edition of the international version IEC 62368-1 is due for circulation by the end of April, and publication target is still within September this year.

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