Uncertainty about Russian test sample requirements

The federal Russian accreditation body ‘RusAccreditation’, in a letter of 29 December 2017, has created uncertainty about product samples needed to be supplied for testing by Russian laboratories. This regards new electrical products to be certified in Russia and allowed market access in the Russian Federation (and regionally in the other Customs Union countries). In case of imported products, the authorities will control the customs documentation for the samples. The samples shall be available to the chosen Russian certification body for testing.

Some exporters to Russia have been requested to provide as many as six samples to the certification body to allow them to select the specific ones for testing.

For the time being, no one seems to know the actual official requirements for test samples to be provided for Russian certification.
There are many Russian certification bodies for electrical products, but only one is a member NCB (National Certification Body) within the international IECEE/CB scheme. Until now it has been VNIIS in Moscow, which recently decided shifted to ROSTEST in Moscow .

According to the basic IECEE rules, for products with CB Test Certificate/Report from another member NCB, a product sample shall only be requested when the CB Test Report does not cover (any) special national conditions or national differences to the applicable IEC testing standard, or when duly needed for identification purposes. It is understood that this condition of the IECEE/CB scheme remains fulfilled by ROSTEST.

To be kept updated about the situation concerning certification in both Russia and the other Custom Union member states, Nemko is in current contact with its partners in these countries.
If and when the situation concerning required samples is clarified, it will be reported in this newsletter.