Board of Directors



Ingvild Myhre (b. 1961)

Chairman of the Board

Partner in Rådgiverne LOS AS

File 4080


Ove Guttormsen (b. 1961)

CEO of Norsk Teknologi & NELFO



Bjørn Ove Skjeie (b. 1951)

CEO of Franatech AS


File 4033


Arne Jorde (b. 1965)

CEO of Erichsen & Horgen AS


Siv Hege Solheim (b. 1974)

Senior Vice President Controlling & Accounting, Veidekke ASA






Lene Martinsen (f. 1978)

Employee Representative, Team Manager - Medical and Laboratory equipment, Nemko AS

Espen Eriksen (b. 1963)

Employee Representative, Section Manager - Reliability and Fire & Security, Nemko AS