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    Partner Programme

    Will Nemko accept your laboratory’s EMC or safety test data? Through our Partner Programme, external laboratories may qualify to test for both Nemko certification and the international CB scheme.

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    Your laboratory may provide test results for Nemko certifications if you qualify through our Partner Programme.


    What is the Nemko Partner Programme?

    With our ‘Partner Programme’, the Nemko laboratory authorization scheme, we use test results sent directly from qualifying external laboratories as the basis for Nemko certifications and attestations. This programme is offered for both manufacturers’ laboratories and independent laboratories. Laboratories may be qualified if they meet rigorous standards for one or more testing areas, for example safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), telecom or energy efficiency, according to relevant national and international standards, such as the international IECEE CB scheme.

    Will our customers gain improved market access if we are a Nemko-authorized laboratory?

    Becoming a Nemko-authorized laboratory brings numerous benefits, including improved market access opportunities for your laboratory’s customers. Other examples of Partner Programme benefits are:
    • Cost efficiency
    • Streamlined handling of Nemko certification projects
    • We share knowledge of our partners, including the services they offer that can be cross-sold within the region
    • Support from our global network
    • Predictable outcome of projects due to common practice and understanding
    • Access to standards subscription service, as well as international interpretations, etc.
    • Regular communication, including updates on current and future product standards and testing practices
    • Access to organized proficiency/comparative test programmes
    Current Partners

    Current partners

    Will Nemko's partners be a good option for your next project? Learn more about who makes the grade to be a Nemko partner and what services they specialize in.

    Become a Nemko Authorized Laboratory

    What are the main requirements to become a Nemko authorized laboratory?

    • Quality system according to the relevant parts of ISO/IEC 17025
    • Qualified testing personnel with knowledge of standards and test methods, (IEC/EN, CISPR, ETSI, national, etc.)
    • Necessary test facilities and equipment with proper characteristics and tolerances
    • Calibration procedures traceable to national or international reference standards with regular calibration intervals

    How can we qualify for the Partner Programme?

    Does your laboratory have the facilities and expertise to become an authorized Nemko Partner? Contact us to find out more.

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