Nemko News in Brief for Sept 2022

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Summertime has passed, and autumn leaves in yellow and red have started to show, at least here in Northern Europe.
The death of Britain’s Queen Elisabeth II (96 years) has been top story in many media during the past 2 weeks, since her 70 years reign can be regarded an era in history.
Other global news headlines in September have included the following:

  • The extreme flooding catastrophe in Pakistan has enormous consequences for lives and living.
  • August was the hottest month ever recorded in China
  • Major typhoon hits both Japan and South Korea
  • New Prime Minister in the UK and also in Italy
  • Increasing inflation in USA causes concern for the global economy
  • Meeting between the Chinese and Russian presidents in Uzbekistan.
  • Still unpredictable war-situation in Ukraine, and their nuclear powerplants under threat.
  • Sabotage on gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea.
  • Record-breaking hurricane hitting Southeast USA and Eastern Canada.

The issue of this newsletter for September, however, covers the following topics:

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Trond Sollie

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Breaking News from Saudi Arabia

- Expanded scope of Saudi Notification for products imported from Asia and Australia 

The scope of the official Notification (recognition) of Nemko by the Saudi authorities for certification of imported products has now been expanded to include 15 new Saudi Technical Regulations for products imported from countries/regions in Asia and Australia.

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Revised regulation for WiFi frequency bands in Japan

The Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communications (MIC) in Japan did on 2 September publish the “Ministerial Ordinance Partially Revising the Regulations for the Enforcement of the Radio Law (2020 MIC Ordinance No. 59)” which is revising the system introducing the 6 GHz Band (5925-6425 MHz) for WLAN and the 5.2 GHz band for WLAN in vehicles.


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New European standard for safety of lasers in consumer products 

‘Laser’ is an acronym for ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation’ and is associated with optical radiation hazards. Lasers have many applications, including certain functions in electrical consumer equipment such as IT & AV equipment and household appliances.

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Ready for testing and assessment of functional safety  

‘Functional Safety’ is a characteristic of function-related safety elements that must considered for the whole life cycle of e.g. electrical equipment, machines and systems.
Nemko Germany has now achieved accreditation by the German accreditation body DAkkS in the Functional Safety area. 


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Workplace with tablet pc showing calendar and a cup of coffee on a wooden work table close-up


Preparing for eco-design and energy labelling of phones and tablets

Some150 million mobile phones and 25 million tablets were during 2020 registered sold in Europe, while almost 700 million units were kept at home in hibernation.

So there is a huge eco-design potential of proper reuse, green mining and proper disposal of the hazardous substances involved.


Nemko korea New office 1


Nemko Korea moved to a new location

Nemko Korea has during September moved to a new location, which is still in the Yong-in area, about 40 km from Seoul.
It includes a brand-new office building, consisting of three floors.

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