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    October 1, 2022

    Ready for testing and assessment of functional safety


    functional-safety‘Functional Safety’ is a characteristic of function-related safety elements that must considered for the whole life cycle of e.g. electrical equipment, machines and systems.

    Nemko Germany has now achieved accreditation by the German accreditation body DAkkS in the Functional Safety area. This accreditation implies that testing and assessing of the functional safety of equipment/systems are carried out in accordance with applicable international standards and regulatory requirements.

    In this context, safety is the control of recognized hazards for achieving an acceptable level of risk.

    To prevent damage, risks or danger to people, facilities and the environment, possible failures or malfunctions are evaluated in detail. The resulting functional safety measures serve to reduce potential hazards and risks.

    The experts at Nemko Germany are able to provide:

    • Functional Safety Testing of electrical/electronic equipment, including household appliances,
      laboratory test- and measurement equipment and IT & Audio/Video equipment.
    • Functional Safety Assessments of industrial equipment, machines, road vehicles, service & industrial robots, tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry.
    • Assessment of Management Systems for Functional Safety in all above areas.

    Further information is available at this site . For additional information and/or for obtaining an offer for this service, please contact

    (Article is based on text provided by Nicola Baus, edited by T.Sollie)

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