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    Contrôle industriel

    Nos services complets de sécurité, de performance et de conformité vous offrent l'assurance requise pour accéder au marché mondial des produits de contrôle industriel et ce, de manière rentable.

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    Industrial control and regulating devices are crucial for the process industry. Operators of large industrial plants count on the safety and reliability of the built-in regulating and control devices. Nemko is a leading partner for compliance services for industrial control productssupporting you in all phases, from pre-compliance to development and throughout testing, certification and market access.  

    We know how important time-to-market is for your business, whether you’re selling your products in Europe, Asia, North America or elsewhere. Our team of experts make sure that the testing, inspection and certification process runs smoothly, reducing costly delays and making sure that you gain market access where needed. Our aim is to support you at every stage of your product’s development.  

    What kind of industrial control devices does Nemko test and certify? 

    Partnering with Nemko means working with the experts in industrial control devices. Our services cover industrial control devices, such as the following:  

    • Industrial PCs 
    • Regulators 
    • Remote input/output devices 
    • Level sensors 
    • Programming and debugging tools 
    • Programmable logic controllers 
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    Nemko can help you in:
    • New product development
    • Worldwide market access (excluding India)
    • Reduction of time to market
    • CE marking on Machinery Directive
    • Industrial equipment testing

    Our test inspection facilities for industrial equipment testing include but not limited to:

    1. Control function
    2. Determination of limits of machinery
    3. Documentation of risk assessment & risk reduction
    4. Electrical motors & associated equipment
    5. Earth resistance
    6. Hazard identification 
    7. Inherently safe design measures
    8. Protection against electric shock,  etc.
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