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    Dec 8, 2023

    프랑스, 내구성 지수(Durability Index)를 도입하여 수리성 지수(Reparability Index) 업그레이드

    For years, French authorities have developed requirements to encourage long-lasting electronics and electrical products for the waste reduction of discarded devices and appliances, making way towards a circular economy for these household goods. In 2021, they became the first European country to implement the legally binding Reparability Index, working diligently to counter planned obsolescence and encourage reparation where it can.수 년동안 프랑스는 가전제

    As of January 1, 2024, some products, such as smartphones, televisions, and washing machine appliances, that are currently covered under French Reparability policies will also be required to procure durability scores. The new mandatory index seeks to replace the Reparability Index and incorporate extended criteria around not only the product’s reparability but also the trustworthiness, robustness, and upgradeability. This includes criteria specifically related to the robustness of the product, as well as its required maintenance and upkeep. 

    The French Reparability Index scores devices such as computers, smartphones, washing machines, and other household items based on five criteria. The durability index offers a score out of 10, and is required to be displayed at the time of purchase to inform consumers of the longevity of the electrical or electronic product. Manufacturers will be required to disclose the full lifecycle of each product, in addition to the level of reparability each good holds. French Reparability Index

    This mandatory regulation helps to inform consumers about the products they are investing in and encourages companies to remain competitive by trying to achieve a higher reparability score. Failure to adhere to the regulation will prohibit a company from bringing its product to market. 

    French regulatory authorities plan to export this Durability Index to the remainder of the EU and internationally in the future, which means it’s essential for your organization to prepare even if you are not currently manufacturing or importing in France. Work with Nemko to ensure the safety, security, and sustainability of your electrical and electronic products ahead of this impending regulation going into full effect in a few weeks. 

    As a significant international player in the world of testing solutions, Nemko offers an array of comprehensive testing and certification services, meeting the regulatory requirements for a wide range of product categories found across the globe.

    Work with Nemko to get prepared for the Durability Index as well as any future changes that may affect your production or importing process down the line.

    Get started, today. 

    seungyeun SONG

    Seungyeun SONG Sales and Marketing in Nemko Korea

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