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    Transportation loose cargo testing

    To ensure that your product reaches its intended destination fully functional. Nemko conducts transportation vibration testing per MIL-STD-810 Method 514 Procedure II (Loose Cargo Transportation).

    In a transportation loose cargo test, products are subjected to forces that simulate shipments and cargo transport that are made in beds of truck and or by trailering, by rail and by rotary wing aircraft, essentially the worst-case-scenario, crossing rough terrain. Here, the product is not secured to the vibration exciter, moving freely on the vibration table during the test, being prevented from falling off the table only by a barrier.

    Large portions of the world's roads are unpaved, within certain industries such as oil & gas, medical, military, and automotive it is crucial get a large number of sensitive and critical equipment to remote working to field areas around the world and transport them within the field once there without securing. The transportation loose cargo testing can be used to verify that your product and packaging can withstand transport in the field.

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