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    Household appliance testing and certification

    The constant evolution of the market for smart household appliances or home appliance products presents a challenging testing & certification environment.

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    Smart technology & connectivity are the key drivers of consumer demand which enhances the requirement of product safety & EMC. But don’t worry, you are not far away from the Nemko expert. 

    Nemko India offers testing on a broad variety of product categories within the household appliance & home appliance products and assists manufacturers & distributors with the challenge of entering the market as mandated by relevant laws and regulations. We test according to relevant international & national standards & also offer pre-evaluation of your products by testing in our in-house lab facility.

    Testing of Household appliance / Home appliance products  at Nemko India include:

    1. Air cleaning appliance
    2. Range Hood
    3. Dishwasher
    4. Electric Iron
    5. Fan
    6. Grill/toaster
    7. Water purifier
    8. Microwave oven
    9. Room heater
    10. Shaver/hair clipper
    11. Storage water heater, etc.

    What testing solutions does Nemko offer for household products? 

    We offer services in every phase of product development, production and distribution:

    • Pre-evaluation of your products and project management
    • Testing in our in-house lab facilities, testing via official IECEE “Customer Testing Facilities” (CTF) program in customer premises and testing in cooperation with our laboratories around the world
    • Worldwide market access through our Nemko Direct international approvals scheme

    Which household products can I have tested at Nemko laboratories?

    There are too many items we test to be able to offer a definitive list of our household products testing services. Some of the most common household items tested at Nemko are coffee machines, dishwashers, washing machines, irons, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, refrigerators, cooker hoods, cooking hobs, kitchen ovens, panel heaters, sewing machines and hairdryers. Please contact us if you have questions about any other products. 

    What are the types of test services for household products?

    We have highly experienced engineers that perform the following tests in well-equipped laboratories:

    • Safety
    • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    • Radio


    For more information about how Nemko can help your organization to meet safety requirements for home appliance/household appliance products for quick market access, contact us or mail us at or give us a call at +91-9205690574 . 

    safety testing experts

    Nemko has performed safety testing since 1933. Our safety testing engineers have the experience to help get your product to market in the shortest possible time.

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