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    Cyber Assurance Services

    As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand, connecting more and more of our world through communication devices, a growing trend has emerged: cyber security threats.

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    The risks posed by cyber attacks launched by those with malicious intent can range anywhere from the disruption of critical infrastructure operations, the release of sensitive personal and confidential information, and even into the manipulation and outright theft of financial assets.

    Today, no one is safe from a potential cyber catastrophe.

    Regulators and industry are actively working to stem this growing threat by developing standards, protocols, and best practices to help defend against cyber attacks.

    Developers must proactively work to assess their unique risks in order to implement more robust safeguards that can help mitigate the potential risk of cyber threats.

    Although cyber threats vary in their design and intent, there are several elements that can reduce their impact:

    • Utilizing Information Technology Equipment (ITE) and systems that can be regularly updated against threats
    • Designing connected devices with security as a primary consideration
    • Educating employees, suppliers, and vendors about the potential risks that cyber attacks can present, and how to avoid them

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    Nemko's cyber security services

    Nemko is at the forefront of efforts to assist developers of ITE and connected technologies to address cyber security risks.

    Benefits of Working with Nemko

    Partnering with Nemko can provide your organization in addressing the challenges that occur in today's cyber security landscape.

    Recognized Cyber Security Expertise

    Acquired by Nemko in 2020, Systemsikkerhet is Norway's first information security consultancy and is one of only four information security testing laboratories recognized by the Norwegian National Security Authority.

    Active Involvement in Standards Development and Implementation

    Nemko’s team of experts have developed state-of-the-art cyber security standards and protocols, and are knowledgeable about all new, emerging requirements.

    Single Source Solution

    With its combined expertise in cyber security, product safety, Radio/Telecom and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), Nemko is a robust source for manufacturers.

    Global Support

    Nemko helps to support your global market access efforts, offering more than 30 locations across six continents around the world.

    Cyber security required for CE-marking

    On-demand webinar

    Watch this webinar to get an introduction to the new EU Cyber Resilience Act as well as an easy-to-understand update on the cyber security requirements in the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).

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    about how Nemko can help your organization meet current and emerging cyber security challenges

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