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    Management system certification

    Nemko has provided third-party certification according to ISO standards for more than 25 years.

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    What are the benefits of acquiring management system certification?

    With management system certification from Nemko, the ISO certificate will provide a competitive advantage and increase market access. The organization will be able to demonstrate that it works systematically and is constantly improving. As a result of the management system certification process, organizations incorporate best practices and embed excellence.


    Why choose Nemko for management system certification?

    Nemko has a team of well-qualified and experienced auditors that provide certification to an array of ISO standards in several countries. In addition, Nemko is a Norwegian member of the International Certification Network IQNet, which has 37 cooperating certification bodies throughout the world. All customers are issued both a Nemko certificate and an IQNet certificate.

    During the conformity assessment, we add value in the way we conduct our audits. We can also offer training in auditing techniques, quality and environmental management as well as risk management.


    What needs to be in place before starting the ISO process?

     The management system subject to audit and certification must be documented and implemented and in operation for at least three months. Prior to a certification audit, the customer must be able to document that internal audits and management reviews have taken place. To ensure the certification is done according to schedule, it is beneficial to start the communication with Nemko at an early stage.

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    Nemko is the Norwegian member of IQNet, the International Certification Network. IQNet’s exclusive registered mark is known worldwide as a synonym of quality.

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    Experienced team

    Our knowledgeable and efficient auditors bring the longstanding expertise of a company that has been providing third-party certification according to ISO standards for more than a quarter of a century.

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