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    Lighting Equipment Testing of Luminaires & Led Products

    Our wide scope of testing capabilities covers all ranges of luminaires from simple table lamp testing to advanced street lamps not limited to LEDs testing.

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    The lighting luminaire industry is seeing rapid changes, many of which are based on sustainability and energy efficiency. Earlier a luminaire consisted more or less of a cable with plug, switch and a lampholder. Today a LED lighting fixture comes in any size and shape, and might be quite complex with many circuits for connection to wireless applications. This also means cyber security must be addressed.  

    Nemko’s laboratories are fully equipped to test everything from safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and product performance, in many types of products, including LED bulbs to new and innovative LED luminaires, controlgear, switches and components.  

    Nemko India offers testing of LED modules, LED Lamp control gear & Self ballast LED lamps. When launching a new product, you need regulatory approvals for the specific market, country, or region. Nemko India offers comprehensive services suited to cover your specific needs. Test report issued by Nemko India against national standards i.e. IS 15885 (Part 2/Sec13)/ IEC 61347-2-13 – LED Lamp Control gear, AC or DC supplied electronic control gear for LED Module and IS 16102 (Part 1)/ IEC 62560 – Self Ballasted Lamps, can be used to gain BIS registration number in India.

    Nemko follows the rapid change within the lighting luminaire industry. As LED has taken a greater share of our daily focus all over the world, we are of course fully equipped to test everything from LED bulbs to new and innovative LED luminaires. Since the new luminaires of today consist of more than only lamp holders and mechanical switches, we help you with the testing of components inside as well, if required.

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    How can Nemko’s experts help us get our luminaire products to market? 

    • Our domain experts within testing, inspection and certification of electrical and electronic equipment will provide comprehensive guidance  
    • Flexible, lean and customer-oriented organization 
    • Direct contact with testing engineers 
    • We can help you stay one step ahead during the design and development phase by providing you with pre-compliance testing requirements  
    • We can assist you with verification testing on qualified products as per requirement 
    • We can support you with a reduction of time to market and assure that the regulations in the markets you will sell your product are met 
    • With experts from Nemko participating in national and international standardization committees, we have firsthand information concerning upcoming changes in regulations 

    We provide testing service for the following: 

    1. Testing of Lamp Control gear, AC or DC supplied electronic control gear for LED Module
    2. Self-Ballasted LED Lamp Testing
    3. Luminaires - General requirements and tests
    4. Floodlights testing
    5. LED Module for general lighting
    6. Luminaire for road and street lighting
    7. Fixed general-purpose luminaire
    8. Portable general-purpose luminaire
    9. Recessed luminaires
    10. Handlamps testing
    11. Lighting chains testing
    12. Led light testing

      For more information about how Nemko can help your organization with Light, Luminaries, and LED testing, contact us or mail us at or give us a call at +91-9205690574 .  


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    Nemko has 90 years of experience in testing luminaires, combined with unmatched expertise in the latest technology and regulations

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