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    Building inspection

    For many buildings there are numerous requirements either by law or from the insurance companies in Germany. Nemko is a leading provider of building inspection services in Germany, with knowledge of differing rules and regulations in each federal state. Our services, including testing of technical installations, enable efficient operation and availability.

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    Nemko has been providing building inspection services since 1938, including a range of pre-tests, routine and specialized tests. 
    Our experienced technical experts and specialists will help you navigate through the differing rules and regulations in each federal state in Germany.  

    Building inspections in Germany 
    To secure the safety of workers and the general public, electrical installations and other equipment in buildings must comply with mandatory requirements and standards. Building inspection confirms that safety relevant installations, electrical appliances and protective measures are in a safe operating condition and meet all legal or insurance requirements. 

    What are the benefits of regular testing?
    Regular testing will support efficient operation and availability, in addition to protecting property and lowering the risk of accidents and incidents. 

    What types of buildings require building inspection services? 
    For buildings with public access, such as shopping centres, parking garages, hotels, event locations and more, there are numerous mandatory inspection requirements. 

    What types of installations must be inspected?  
    Electrical installations, fire alarm systems, smoke extraction, lightning protection and other safety-relevant building installations and appliances must comply with several requirements and standards in order to secure safety for workers or the public.  

    What type of building inspection services does Nemko offer? 
    Nemko, as an independent advisor, offers both advice, testing, and expert opinion. We provide pre-tests of new installations, routine tests and special tests all over Germany, covering everything from conveyors, escalators, fire alarms, emergency lighting and ventilation systems.  

    Testing is done according to mandatory law and regulation in the different German states/provinces, insurance requirements, both in terms of protection of property and prevention of accidents. 

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    Our building inspection services include 

    Electrical power installations

    Entrepreneurs and operators are responsible for the security in a company.
    However, checking electrical systems is often a major challenge. Defects in the electrical system can be the cause of fires, loss of functionality and production downtime. In the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health are the regular checks of stationary electrical systems and portable electrical equipment regulated.

    Nemko offers the following services:
    • Middle- and low voltage installations
    • Fixed electrical installations (DIN VDE 0105-100, BGV A3, DGUV requirements)
    • Portable electrical appliances (DIN VDE 0701-0702, BGV A3, DGUV requirements)
    • Testing of electrical installations according to requirements of the insurance companies (SK 3602, VdS 2871)
    • Solar power installations (DIN VDE 62446 / VDE 0126-23, DIN VDE 0105-100, VdS)
    • Emergency power installations
    • Emergency lighting
    • Electrical testing of Machines (DIN VDE 0113/ EN 60204, BGV A3, DGUV requirements)
    • Electric power systems
    • Electrostatic discharge

    Building services systems and facilities

    There are not only requirements for the security and execution of building services equipment Erecting buildings. The use of buildings or the aging of building products and structures can result in considerable dangers. Electrical and building technology in public facilities such as sales and meeting places, hospitals, garages and high-rise buildings are therefore subject to regulations on testing technical systems and facilities.
    Regulations regarding assembly and meetig places, building law and state building regulations clearly regulate dates and times for those tests.

    Nemko offers acceptance and recurring tests nationwide, which include the following focal points:
    • Fire protection technology
    • Sprinkler installations, fire extinguisher
    • Fire shutters, fire protection flap
    • Air conditioning systems
    • Hygiene tests according to VDI 6022
    • Grease separators
    • CO warning systems
    • Door open/close device for fire protection doors
    • Door open/close device for room sections Automatic and non-automatic fire extinguishing systems
    • Fire safety (inspection) report

    Fire alarm systems and alarm systems

    In emergencies, especially when there are large crowds, it is important to report dangers as quickly as possible in order to initiate an evacuation and to be able to control it efficiently.

    In meeting places, commercial buildings, hospitals or hotels, the building regulations of many federal states therefore prescribe appropriate fire alarm and acoustic alarm systems (ELA, SAA, ENA). Fire alarm systems should detect fires as early as possible, the alarm systems with their public address system warn of the danger and thus help with the targeted evacuation of affected areas.

    Nemko assesses and checks these systems and supports them in implementing the requirements of building law.

    Our experts carry out both acceptance tests and recurring tests. The acceptance test includes all installed system components, also with regard to the requirements for environmental conditions.

    The controls include
    • the intended interaction of the system parts,
    • the completeness of the documents,
    • tests with fault, shutdown and control functions,
    • as well as triggering internal and remote alarms to the receiving point.
    Regular and recurring checks then are limited to the control of spatial changes and random sample examinations.

    Thermography in electrical engineering

    Thermography is a contribution to damage prevention and operational safety and can offer an important decision-making aid in order to plan or carry out necessary measures (e.g. repairs, modernizations, etc.).

    The advantages for you through a thermographic examination by Nemko:

    • reduce the risk of fire and accident, document the system status
    • early identify weak points, damages and risks
    • Increase your systems availability and reliability
    ... and hence avoid expensive consequential damage.

    E-mobility - testing of charging stations

    E-mobility is on the rise. The number of public charging systems and charging stations are constantly increasing, in public parking lots, filling stations, workshops or even directly home. Safety always comes first - therefore also apply to charging systems corresponding test regulations.

    According to the German DGUV regulation, charging stations for electric cars are stationary electrical systems and equipment, they are therefore subject to the statutory tests and test periods from operating safety regulation and DGUV regulations.

    Nemko equally checks the integrity of the user, the facility and the electric cars.

    Power operated devices

    Nemko is checking escalators, lifting platforms and presses such as:

    • Automatic doors in evacuation routes
    • Escalators
    • Lifts (platforms)
    • Power operated doors and windows
    • Loading ramps
    • Garbage packer units
    • Conveyors
    • Hoist, winding and winches

    Lightning protection systems

    Lightning protection systems are used for preventive fire protection and increase the availability of the technical infrastructure. It is therefore sensible and necessary to check lightning protection systems regularly in order to determine their effectiveness and the necessary maintenance measures.

    The focus of lightning protection systems is on

    • Protection of structures and people
    • Protection of electrical and electronic systems

    Ordinances regulate whether lightning protection is necessary for a building or whether it is a voluntary matter for the owner or operator.

    Nemko examines both the internal and the external lightning protection system. We can also support you in the planning of lightning protection systems and overvoltage protection measures.

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