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    Our history

    In 1933, Norges Elektriske Materiellkontroll was established as a foundation for mandatory safety testing and national approval of electrical equipment in Norway. In 1991, Nemko as we know it today was established. In these videos you will hear Nemko colleague Trond Sollie share the story of the incredible journey Nemko has been on for the past 90 years.

    Episode 1: The start of Nemko

    When did Nemko start its long and outstanding journey? How did it endure through all the ups and downs for almost 90 years?

    Episode 2: From semi-governmental institution to private company

    In January 1991 Nemko had a new start as a private company with half the staff and half the capital of before. Moreover being a private business now meant having to sell to customers for the first time.


    Episode 3: Nemko's internationalisation journey

    It was in 1992 that the first Nemko engineer was stationed in San Diego. That was the beginning of Nemko's international expansion. With only two people in two different countries, Nemko started its international expansion.​​​​​​​



    Episode 4: From the first multinational certification cooperation in the world, Emko, to the international CB scheme

    In this fourth episode of Nemko's history we will hear about how Nemko moved from the Emko scheme to the Cenelec Certificatio Agreement and then again to the international CB scheme. Did you know that Nemko was actually among the founding members of all these schemes?


    Episode 5: How and when did Nemko Direct start?

    Nemko Direct was essential to Nemko's success. Hear more about the start of Nemko's global market access service in this episode, where we'll also share that the idea for the name 'Nemko Direct' is based on a request from the IT giant Compac.


    Episode 6: An independent private foundation

    The success of Nemko Direct made Nemko an interesting organisation for some of our large competitors.