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    E-mark approval & EMC testing for

    All vehicles and electrical/electronic units (UEE) fitted to vehicles must have the international E-mark certification. Nemko offers a complete one-stop E-mark service for automotive electronic sub-assemblies (ESA) and EMC Testing UNECE R10 for vehicle manufacturers.

    E-mark certification service from Nemko, the one-stop shop 

    What is the E-mark? 
    The E-mark signifies that an automotive product complies both with the international UNECE regulations and the European vehicle legislation. Nemko can now arrange for necessary type approvals of automotive components and whole vehicles for the E-mark. This includes EMC-testing and Conformity of Production (CoP) assessments. 

    How can Nemko help with certification? 
    We evaluate the technical documentation related to the automotive requirements of your product. Based on this information, the product assessment and the test reports, we can put together and submit your application to the type approval authority. 

    Extensive automotive experience  
    Nemko has long experience in EMC testing of both automotive parts and complete vehicles. In addition, the European Type Approval Authority (TAA) in Finland has now designated Nemko to perform CoP assessment on their behalf, which means that a complete one-stop E-mark service for both automotive electronic sub-assemblies (ESA) and for the vehicle manufacturers can be offered. 

    Nemko automotive testing services include the Automotive EMC Directive 2004/104/EC and the UNECE R.10 for e and E mark. 

    • Narrow and broadband emissions, 30-1000MHz (CISPR 12 and 25) 
    • Conducted emissions (ISO 7637-2) 
    • Transient immunity, pulses 1, 2a, 2b,3a, 3b, 4 and 5 (ISO 7637-2) 
    • Radiated immunity, 20-2000MHz, 30V/m (ISO 11451 and ISO 11452 series) 
    • ESD immunity (ISO 10605) 

    Automotive testing can also be performed according to customer specifications and product development needs.  

    Testing performed in locations around the world 
    The service is very flexible, as the testing can also be performed by Nemko-authorized partner laboratories around the world, and the CoP audits can be made by qualified local Nemko staff. 

    Flexible testing services

    Our Nemko laboratories and authorized partners around the world can help you with E-marking services.

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