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    Power of Synergy

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    As of January 09, 2024, Nemko India officially became an operating partner in Lahari Advanced Electronics Testing Facilities, Mysore.

    Lahari Advanced Electronics Testing Facilities, Mysore is a first-in-kind initiative supported by Government of India, Government of Karnataka and ESDM cluster members. The facility aims to provide support to all industries, that include start-ups, MSME and large-scale industries for promoting the growth of electronics sector across the world.

    With Nemko’s worldwide market access and complete range of services, Lahari is taking a step ahead in the global space to assist you with timely and cost effectiveness to more than 150 countries all over the globe. With the aim to service entire electronic industries such as IT equipment's, Automotive, Military & Aerospace, and Household appliances, Nemko and Lahari ensure to comply with requirements from pre-compliance to product testing to international approval.

    Lahari is the first public-private partnership engagement to go live with Nemko to enhance the service range while gaining access to worldwide markets. With our state-of-the-art facilities, the purpose is to be serve the testing, inspection, and certification services concerning products on a worldwide basis. Lahari’s local presence combined with Nemko’s global knowledge will serve our customers in a reliable, efficient, and open manner.

    Upcoming Customer Seminar in Bangalore 29 May 2024, for an insightful seminar focusing on compliance insights and networking opportunities.

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