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    Energy Efficiency Testing & Certification

    We offer in-house testing services (energy efficiency testing/performance testing) of regulated / unregulated (voluntary) products under BEE (Bureau of energy efficiency) star labeling.

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    With the growth of the economy, the demand for energy has grown substantially. Further, the high level of energy consumption in some of the sectors is a matter of concern. In such a scenario efficient use of energy resources and their conservation assumes tremendous significance and is essential for curtailment of wasteful consumption and sustainable development. Recognizing the fact that efficient use of energy and its conservation is the least-cost option to meet the increasing energy demand, the Government of India has enacted the Energy Conservation Act, 2001, and established the Bureau of Energy Efficiency in March 2002 (to test for energy efficiency/performance.

    BEE has mandatory energy efficiency requirements for 10 products, which means that these products have to comply with the BEE regulations prior to selling in the Indian market. 16 products are still under Voluntary Scheme.

    Our lab is equipped with the latest technology equipment for the performance testing /energy efficiency testing of products. Global/local manufacturers & importers are making energy efficiency/performance a priority. We also test for energy efficiency/performance via our customer programs.

    Nemko India is empaneled with BEE to check testing (energy efficiency/performance) under standards & labeling program round II. We are doing testing for Laptop/Notebook /Computers as per Schedule 14 (BEE Procedure: ENERGY STAR Test Procedure for Determining the Power Use of Computers), Colour Television as per IEC 62301 Ed. 2.0 for Standby Mode & IEC 62087 Ed. 3.0 for On Mode, in accordance with Schedule 8 and Water Heater / Electric Geyser as per IS 2082 and IS 302-2-21, in accordance with Schedule 10.

    Apart from BEE, Nemko Direct for Energy Efficiency services provides you with market access in countries with energy efficiency regulations.

    We provide energy efficiency testing/performance testing services for the following:

    1. Television
    2. Desktop Computers, Laptop
    3. Storage water heater
    4. Microwave oven


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