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    Nemko Europe Mark

    Nemko offers a tailored certification service to back your mandatory CE marking of electrical and electronic products.

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    Nemko Europe is a first of its kind certification service to back your mandatory CE marking of electrical and electronic products. For you, this solution represents a hassle-free route to lasting compliance with required CE marking Directives.

    What is required in Europe?
    It is common knowledge that CE marking is what is required to sell your products in Europe, but CE marking is getting more complex by the year with the introduction of new mandatory directives and with strengthening requirements in the directives. For your typical electrical and electronic product, up to five CE marking directives may be required.
    Nemko Europe Mark

    The manufacturers challenge.
    Getting the overview of the requirements for your products is a costly and time-consuming task. Keeping up to date with new directives and standards may be even more time-consuming. Time you rather want to spend working on sales of your products. Even after you have built the technical file required, there is still work to be done updating this and keeping it available for more than ten years in the future for every product.

    What can Nemko offer?
    Nemko can offer a custom-made service tailored to your needs. For a new product we can do everything from guiding on applicable directives and standards, perform testing or review documentation and help build the required technical file. Further, we can grant the Nemko Europe certificate and provide you a prefilled Declaration of Conformity – for you to sign! Furthermore, we will store your technical file online and even inform you when there are new standards or directives relevant for your product in particular. You will also get the right to use the Nemko N mark on your product and in marketing.


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    No matter if you are located in Europe, Asia, North America, or anywhere else in the world, Nemko’s international testing and certification facilities are here to help.

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