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    Hazardous location EX testing

    Nemko can help you to evaluate and test products for use in hazardous locations according to ATEX and IECEx standards.

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    Potentially explosive atmosphere in the workplaces are risky environments created by flammable gases, combustible dusts, mists and vapors.

    All over the word, in order to use a product in hazardous location, the manufacturers need to assure to their customer and to the market the safety of their equipments and their relative compliance according to the national and international regulation and directive.

    What does the hazardous location test consist of?

    The hazardous location testing consists to evaluates the method of protection applied by the manufacturer during the design phase and verifies that the product does not present constructive criticalities that may predict the risk of explosion if placed in potentially explosive atmospheres. The test consists in subjecting the product to a potentially explosive atmosphere, tending to create a critical fault in the protection system.

    Product certification and approvals

    How can help Nemko?

    Our large team of experienced ATEX and IECEx compliance engineers deliver a flexible and commercial approach to approvals, offering you a fast and cost-effective route into international markets, starting in the design phase of your new products.

    We offer a wide range of services for the equipments to be used in hazardous location:

    • Pre-evaluation and guidance
    • Testing (lab- and on-site)
    • Certification
    • Quality assurance (QAN/QAR)
    • ATEX/IECEx service facility program
    • International approvals

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