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    IT, Audio & Video Safety Testing

    Our experienced engineers perform testing on a broad variety of product categories within IT and audio/video according to relevant standards.

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    All audio/video, IT and communication products (IT/AV) will need to show compliance in accordance with the relevant standards (safety testing) for the national/international market access. 

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    Nemko India is recognised by Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) (OSL– 8138426) for safety testing of your IT Equipments and Audio/Video Equipments (IT/AV) as per IS 13252-1/IEC 60950-1 and IS 616:2017/IEC 60065 respectively.  Test report issued by our laboratory can be used to gain BIS registration of your product. 

    Apart from BIS registration, our pre-compliance service (through safety testing / inspection as required) for information technology and  Audio/Video products will assist you in getting your product to international market in the shortest possible time. By providing advice on the relevant compliance issues early in your new product development cycle we will help you to avoid costly and time-consuming redesigns at the later stages of product development. Our wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the EN/IEC 60950-1 and 60065 safety standards (IT/AV) (to do safety testing) make our pre-compliance service effective.

    Our laboratory is also accredited by NABL for IEC 62368-1 (Hazard based) which covers safety requirements for Audio/Video, Information and communication technology equipment and will replace legacy standards 60065 and 60950-1 in Europe by December 20,2020.

    For manufacturers, it is an advantage to be an early adopter of the new standard (IEC 62368-1) as it gives the possibility to reduce cost through R&D. As an early adopter we can also help you with discovering potential nonconformities in your products, components / sub-assemblies (through safety testing) with regards to the new standard. Manufacturers stand better chance to be chosen by purchasers as preferred vendors if their products comply with 62368-1 in addition to 60065 & 60950-1.

    Which IT and AV products does Nemko test (not limited to)? 

    Our modern and well-equipped laboratories are used for testing many types of IT and AV products, for all types of manufacturers, whether they are small startups or some of the most well-known companies within the ITAV industry. 

     Here are some of products we test regularly (not a complete list). Please contact us if your product is not on the list. 

    • Video projectors
    • Audio Amplifiers
    • Electronic musical instruments
    • Gateway or data processing equipment
    • Personal computers, tablets, smartphones
    • Wearable devices
    • Printers, scanners
    • Televisions and monitors
    • UPS
    • Barcode readers

    For more information about how Nemko can help your organization for your audio/video, IT and communication products safety testing , contact us or mail us at or give us a call at +91-9205690574 . 

    Safety Certification Schemes

    What are the relevant safety certification schemes that Nemko offers for IT & AV products?

    • CB Scheme
    • USA and Canada Safety Mark (NRTL)
    • ENEC
    • Nemko
    • Nordic Certification Service (EMKO)
    • GS - mark

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    IT & AV safety testing

    We have extensive experience in IT, Audio & Video safety testing.

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