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    Lighting and Luminaires Testing Services

    We offer a wide range of testing services for luminaires, control gears and LED modules.

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    We offer a full services scope for the testing of luminairescontrolgears and LED (light emitting diode) modules according to relevant international, regional and national standards. Get your products to market faster with Nemko. 

    Lighting luminaires technology is changing at a rapid pace. Whatever the level of complexity of your project, our lighting engineers will be able to help you meet certification requirements and bring your product to market all over the world.

    Why Nemko?

    Partnering with Nemko for lighting safety and quality testing means efficiently getting your lighting equipment to market and meeting all relevant international, regional and national standards. Nemko offers comprehensive services suited to cover your specific needs. We work with you at every stage of the development process, so you can understand potential quality or safety issues and avoid costly delays and disruptions. We have a tailor-made industrial approach coupled with a solid project management model, serviced by knowledgeable and experienced people around the globe.

    Safety Tests and Measurements

    Which lighting products does Nemko test?

    • Luminaires (IEC/EN 60598 series)
    • LED modules (IEC/EN 62031)
    • Electronic ballasts (IEC/EN 61347 series)
    • Transformers (IEC/EN 61558 series)

    What lighting testing services does Nemko offer?

    • Safety
    • Photobiological 
    • EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
    • Radio
    • Environmental and energy efficiency

    In addition to testing at our modern in-house facilities, we also perform on-site testing at the manufacturers’ premises.

    safety testing experts

    Nemko has performed safety testing since 1933. Our safety testing engineers have the experience to help get your product to market in the shortest possible time.

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