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    Project Management

    Nemko’s project management services provide results for your organization by establishing a system for monitoring and control.

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    Project Management Services

    Our project management services cover projects of all sizes, including large and complex projects.  



    Successful project delivery is defined by the efficient management of costs and meeting of project deadlines while ensuring quality and compliance. At Nemko, we have extensive experience in all aspects of project management.  

    Nemko’s project management services include full supervision, inspection and commissioning, establishing a system for monitoring and control, whatever the size of the project. We provide project management for all phases of your project - including large and complex projects - helping improve business performance while meeting or exceeding stakeholder expectations. Your organization will see the results.

    Nemko’s project management services cover all phases 

    Our project management services are offered in a number of different fields, industries and locations. They cover all phases: project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure. The project’s constraints and risks (scope, cost, quality, scheduling) are also taken into consideration. We help you reduce and mitigate risk, prevent errors, control budgets and make sure the project goes forward and is completed on schedule. 

    At Nemko, our experts will find cost-efficient solutions and tailored strategies that ease the compliance process to statutory and legal requirements, while meeting budget requirements and ensuring that quality standards are met. It’s our business to know the relevant standards, legislation and requirements that must be met in every market. 

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