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    EMC testing for maritime, oil and gas

    EMC testing in for maritime, and oil and gas products calls for a tailored, industrial approach. We provide accredited EMC tests, as well as acoustic tests, in modern and well-equipped test laboratories for a variety of maritime and oil and gas products.

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    Does your maritime and offshore equipment meet EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) requirements? Nemko have state-of-the art facilities for EMC simulation.


    Why does my product need EMC testing?

    Your electrical or electronic product is manufactured for a certain operating environment. In this environment the product is subject to numerous electromagnetic disturbances, such as radiated electric fields and conducted transients, all caused by other electrical and mechanical products or by natural phenomena, such as lightning and solar winds. At the same time, your product generates its own disturbances.

    What EMC testing capabilities does Nemko have for products in maritime, oil and gas?

    Nemko is a major international player in EMC testing, based on our own EMC test sites in Europe, Asia and North America. All our sites are equipped for a wide range of tests. You can select from a variety of shielded enclosures, anechoic chambers, and open area test sites, all equipped for testing a wide range of products.

    Nemko can also provide accredited radio testing for maritime radio systems in the VHF and UHF band.

    Notified Body

    Nemko is also appointed as a Notified Body under the terms of RED, R&TTE, EMC and LVD Directives. These may be mandatory for marine electronics not listed in the Marine Equipment Directive.

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    Our team is ready to help with testing and certification in the maritime and oil and gas industries.

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