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    MIC Product Certification Services for Japan

    Nemko offers certification of radio products being marketed in Japan.

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    Nemko is a Registered Foreign Conformity Assessment Body for radio products under the US – Japan MRA. Most Radio equipment intended for use in Japan requires approval by an approved certification body and falls under the requirements of the Japanese Radio Law (Law No 131, 1950). The US – Japan MRA enables appointed Certification Bodies in the USA to grant approval for certain Radio Equipment enabling fast access to the Japanese market.

    Nemko can test and certify applications for the full scope of radio devices intended for the Japanese market in a much faster timeframe than typically obtained in Japan. Our scope as a Registered Foreign Conformity Assessment Body is for the following Japan Radio scopes:

    • Scope B1 - Specified Radio Equipment specified in Article 38-2-2, paragraph 1, item 1 of the Radio Law; Japan MIC Mark
    • Scope B2 - Specified Radio Equipment specified in Article 38-2-2, paragraph 1, item 2 of the Radio Law.
    • Scope B3 - Specified Radio Equipment specified in Article 38-2-2, paragraph 1, item 3 of the Radio Law

    To see the full list of specified wireless equipment Nemko can certify, please see all Tables (1, 2, and 3) shown here on the MIC Website.

    Nemko has experience testing and approving product with accreditation according to ISO/IEC standards in relation to EMC, Radio, RF Exposure and Safety requirements. Our technical expertise and knowledge in evaluation of products have enabled us to obtain recognition as a Foreign Certification Body with the Japan Ministry of Communications (MIC). Nemko is one of the few companies able to issue certificates for radio equipment that complies with the prescribed specifications.

    The Ordinance concerning Technical Regulations Conformity Certification of Specified Radio Equipment contains technical requirements for equipment covering aspects such as frequency, power limits, antenna gain requirements, occupied bandwidth, emissions designations and other related requirements.

    Test Reports can be accepted from third party labs qualified by Nemko.

    As a leading state-of the art testing laboratory and certification body Nemko is capable of successfully supporting the needs of our clients and providing effective and efficient testing and certification services ensuring you can obtain MIC Japan Radio compliance and sell product in Japan as soon as possible, without having to test and certify radio equipment in Japan.

    Examples of types of products that can be certified include:

    • Citizen Band Radio
    • Low Power Radio (e.g., Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, 5GHz, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID, Z-Wave)
    • Low Power Security
    • Telemeter, telecontrol, medical telemetry, implants, low power security
    • Wireless microphone, Specific radio microphone, Digital specific radio microphone
    • Cordless Phone
    • Millimeter wave (mmWave) / Radar
    • Wi-Fi
    • 60 GHz band low power data or high-speed wireless
    • Land mobile station (5GHz, PHS, 700 MHz ITS, W-CDMA, CDMA2000, WCDMA (HSDPA), CDMA2000 (1x EV-DO), TD-CDMA, TD-SCDMA, XGP, MBTTD, LTE (NB-IoT, eMT), TD-LTE, WiMAX, UMB, 5G-NR, FDD-5G-NR 28 GHz, NR-BWA, 950 MHz)
    • Ultra-wideband (UWB) radio
    • UWB Radar System
    • Earth Station (Ku-band VSAT, Ka-band VSAT, Inmarsat, ESV Mobile, L-band, Portable, Mobile, Satellite)
    • CDMA2000 (1x EV-DO), W-CDMA (HSDPA) mobile radio
    • 800MHz band digital MCA
    • Base Stations (WiMAX, Next Gen, LTE, Femtocell, NB-IoT, TD-LTE, WiMAX, UMB (2GHz TDD), 5G-NR (3.7GHz, 4.5GHz, 28GHz), 5GHz, 5.2GHz, 60GHz, 18GHz, PHS, NR-BWA, 200MHz, 700MHz)
    • Radio buoy
    • Meteorological Assistance Bureau (Radiosonde radio / Robot for weather)
    • Personal radio
    • Simple wireless
    • Mobile Radio (WCDMA, CDMA2000)
    • Mobile radio communication base station (TD-CDMA, TD-SCDMA)
    • Amateur radio
    • Subscriber multi-directional base station
    • Subscriber-facing mobile station
    • Fixed station for telemeters
    • Emergency alarm fixed station
    • 38 GHz band fixed station
    • Real Zero Single Sideband (RZSSB)
    • Narrowband digital
    • Radio-controlled land station for vehicle detection
    • Road traffic information beacon
    • Magnetron radar (Type 3 radar)
    • Solid-state radar
    • Magnetron radar (Class 4 radar)
    • Solid state radar (200mW or less)
    • International VHF (fixed type)
    • International VHF (portable)
    • 50 GHz band CR

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