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    Electromagnetic Immunity (EMI) testing

    Nemko offers extensive EMC immunity testing and advisory services working with both national and international manufacturers.

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    Immunity testing is a crucial component for consumer goods that are sold internationally, as any electromagnetic disturbance, either natural or man-made, can cause harm to other susceptible electronic equipment within the same environment.

    Susceptibility to electromagnetic or radiofrequency disturbances can present a significant risk and safety hazard to operators, which is why EMI testing is especially crucial in industrial, maritime, and medical equipment environments. Critical components for systems that control, navigate, monitor, communicate, and alert must have an electromagnetic immunity level that ensures they will function properly at all times.

    Nemko offers comprehensive EMI testing and EMC certification services to meet regulatory requirements set across the globe for various product categories. With more than a dozen  EMC laboratories located worldwide, Nemko’s sites are equipped to conduct a variety of testing solutions.

    These tests include:

    • Electrostatic discharges (ESD)
    • Radiated or conducted radio frequency (RF) disturbance
    • Electric fast transients (EFT)
    • High energy surges
    • Power frequency magnetic fields
    • Supply voltage dips, interruptions, and variations
    • Supply frequency variations
    • Conducted low frequency (LF) disturbance
    • Ring waves
    • Harmonics and interharmonics
    • Ripples

    Benefits of
    partnering with Nemko

    Nemko offers a single-source solution for product certification and testing services, available for your organization no matter where you are in the world. Leverage our recognized cybersecurity expertise and active involvement in the ever-changing world of standards to ensure your products are secure and up to date with standards at all times.

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