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    Salgsteam produktsertifisering Norge

    Frode Lukassen

    Sales Director

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    (+47) 970 57 776

    Frode Lukassen has held several management positions within the enterprise segment dealing with B2B business. This has given a broad industry knowledge within sales, marketing and support. At Nemko, the focus is on sales and development of services that help our customers comply with the requirements anywhere in the world. The focus is on increasing opportunities and time to market for our customers in combination with reducing business risk.


    Sindre H. Brelum

    Key Account Manager - Subsea, Marine, Oil & Gas

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    (+47) 414 20 031

    Sindre is responsible for Subsea, Marine, Oil & Gas customers. He is experienced in working with complex electronic products, technical solution sales and has expert knowledge of product standards for the marine market. His former employer is Eaton, where he worked as Sales Manager Marine. Sindre is educated at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, and has a both a Master and a Bachelor degree in physics, with specialization in medical microwave engineering and signal processing.


    Hanne Carlsen

    Key Account Manager - Wireless communication/IoT, IT and office equipment, Fire & Security

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    (+47) 480 68 671

    Hanne has more than 30 years of experience in selling technically advanced products and solutions for the professional B2B market (both private and governmental) within the wireless communication domain. The last 10 years in Nemko with special focus on consulting, international market access, testing and certification for products and systems that contain wireless communication.


    Rolf Martinsen

    Sales Manager

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    (+47) 975 03 450

    Experienced Sales Manager, now handling key accounts in certification and testing solutions of electric and electronic products. Rolf has extensive expertise in solving complex customer issues and providing customers with necessary documentation to secure a fast and reliable market access.



    Grethe Spongsveen

    Sales Coordinator

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    (+47) 911 76 502

    Grethe has more than 30 years of experience in sales and customer care, both in retail and services. She also has broad expertise from several industries. In Nemko, Grethe facilitates the sales team's activities to maximize the company's performance and strengthen a smooth and sustainable development of the company.



    Even Sundsli

    Junior Account Manager

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    (+47) 992 42 290

    Even are engaged, solution-oriented and willing to learn with a passion for coming up with new and innovative solutions. He is fascinated by how technology and business can change our everyday lives. From importing 360 degree mobile cameras and VR/AR to electric skateboards, he has always been curious about what the future has to offer.


    Salgsteam system- og personellsertifisering Norge

    Bente Marie Stein

    Sales and Marketing Manager - System Certification


    (+47) 950 81 224



    Stine Holtedahl

    Sales Coordinator - System Certification


    (+47) 976 01 003

    Ingunn Bjerke

    Senior Certification Coordinator - System Certification


    (+47) 452 07 651


    Karianne Teie

    Senior Certification Coordinator -Personnel Certification


    (+47) 958 56 140



    Elin Tilley Christensen

    Senior Certification Coordinator - Personnel Certification


    (+47) 920 83 854


    Viktoriya Kuryltso

    Sales Coordinator - System Certification (on maternity leave)


    (+47) 940 18 262


    Erfarne medarbeidere

    Våre medarbeidere har solid erfaring og har fokus på rask og effektiv service.

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