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    Technical Regulations of Customs Union (TR-CU) certification

    This Russian certification signifies that imported goods comply with the standards set by the Customs Union’s member countries for both quality and safety requirements.

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    The Eurasian Customs Union (EACU) consists of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan and is a region with many opportunities for foreign companies.

    The Russian TR CU certificate is issued by authorized certification bodies which signifies that imported products comply with standards of the Customs Union’s member countries as well as quality and safety requirements. This TR-CU certificate must be acquired, and the EAC mark attached to the product before shipping to Russia. 

    Goods currently covered by Technical Regulations are: industrial and low-voltage electrical equipment, equipment intended for hazardous areas, textiles, footwear and accessories for adults, all children’s products including toys, cosmetics, food, and furniture.

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