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    Sustainable products will become the norm and this poses new requirements for manufacturers’ design processes and supply chain. Nemko can help your business meet these new requirements!

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    What is Ecodesign?

    Ecodesign means incorporating environmental criteria into the design of a product, supplementing the current economic and technical focus of products and services design as a key requirement

    Ecodesign is the solution

    10 years ago Ecodesign focus was Co2 reduction through energy efficiency even though it was meant to cover the entire lifecycle. Now it is a real lifecycle approach while end of life, is something we are not talking about any more. Ecodesign is increased durability, longer lasting products, repair, reuse, recycling, second life, and safeguarding materials to the full extent.

    Ecodesign is no longer limited to those few aiming for a green image, but a tool for business survival in a world, where we in a turbulent time shall pave the ground for carbon neutrality in 2050.

    Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR)

    The European Commission has presented a new initiative meant to support the development of sustainable products across Europe: Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR)..This regulation is part of the Sustainable Products Initiative,which aims to make sustainable products the norm in Europe. It focuses on circularity, resource efficiency and adds new requirements to make products more durable, reusable, reparable, easier to recycle, energy and material efficient, among others.

    This means that Ecodesign requirements will be imposed on any products marketed in Europe in the future, and that documentation on environmental impacts on all products will become mandatory. Self-declared environmental or sustainable performance will no longer be accepted.

    The first product categories under the new regulations are mobile phones, cordless phones, tablets and batteries. This regulation will be in force from 2023.

    Nemko's Ecodesign services


    Nemko's services comply with the circular economy, cover all the different life stages of the product and utilizes latest international standards. It supports businesses in establishing system, product methods and standards into the design process. The techniques and specific approaches can be adjusted to fit the specific industry, product category and organization.


    Why is Ecodesign important?

    Most businesses today need to comply with ESG (Environment, Social, & Governance) and regulatory reporting obligations. The expectations to comply with reporting requirements and meeting due diligence standards in the sustainability space is moving from voluntary to mandatory.

    In the western world manufacturers see that prices for energy, raw materials and transport have raised up to 1000% and above. Due to the geopolitical situation industries need to establish a completely new supply chain. Reporting ESG data will then be a daunting task from a supply chain which is wildly unknown.

    A systematic approach has never been more needed and tools for reducing the new high priced factors as energy and material must be used.

    Start your Ecodesign journey today!

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