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    Sustainable products require manufacturers to revisit their own design processes and supply chain, in order to reach their own ESG goals and meet new and stricter regulatory requirements. Nemko can help your business meet these new requirements!

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    Demonstrate to your stakeholders and the market that your product is sustainable through Ecodesign

    Ecodesign is the process of designing and developing products to minimize their environmental impacts throughout their life cycle, from raw material extraction to end-of-life disposal. Ecodesign is a dynamic concept that has broadened its scope from energy efficiency to circularity. Ecodesign considers not only the energy consumption of products but also their material efficiency, durability, reparability, reusability, recyclability and environmental footprint.

    Ecodesign should be an integrated part of any credible EGS policy

    Applying the principles and structure of Ecodesign demonstrates that you are willing to go beyond simply focusing on your individual product’s environmental footprint, to a commitment to sustainability as the default principle for your product design and development processes. Ecodesign is a ‘proven’ method and framework that will allow you to more easily absorb new sustainability requirements for products, whether it is related to repairability, durability etc.

    Mandatory requirements for market access

    The Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation ESPR) establishes a framework to set Ecodesign requirements for specific product groups to significantly improve their circularity, energy performance and other environmental sustainability aspects. The ESPR will set performance and information requirements for almost all categories of physical goods placed on the EU market. 

    Meet your Ecodesign requirements with Nemko

    Choose a service based on your needs.

    Eco Start: Access to Ecodesign tools (free)

    Start your Ecodesign journey today by using our free gap analysis/self-assessment tool to understand Ecodesign and map your own position to identify areas of improvement – or gain the necessary confidence that your company’s design & development process is ready for the circular economy. 

    Sign in for free access (90 days) to perform a necessary self-assessment and get insights into product sustainability:

    • Ecodesign regulation for sustainable products (ESPR)
    • Green claims
    • Ecodesign for mobile phones
    • The right to repair

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    Eco Assess: Digital expert assessment

    Take your assessment to the next level by connecting with one of our Ecodesign experts and get a streamlined, digital expert evaluation according to the international standard EN IEC 62430:2019 on Environmentally Conscious Design (Ecodesign). 

    The standard provides a a structured approach to Ecodesign, giving you the methodologies you need for identifying and evaluating the environmental impacts of a product, and guidelines for integrating Ecodesign into your product development and design process. 

    An expert assessment helps you understand where you are and where you need to go in terms of implementing the Ecodesign requirements. This will ultimately enable you to minimize your products’ negative environmental impacts and communicate with confidence the necessary environmental information to your stakeholders. 

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    Eco Advise: Customized advisory

    We know how challenging it can be for companies to keep up with stakeholder expectations and regulatory developments, especially within new areas connected to sustainability. That is why we offer both 1:1 advisory support from our Ecodesign experts and customized in-house workshops.

    Let us help you navigate the current and upcoming requirements within Ecodesign based on your unique product needs and goals to meet both internal and external ESG expectations and policies. 

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    Free self-assessments

    Visit the Product Sustainability Corner to access our free sustainability self-assessments, such as: 

    • Greenwashing - true or false?
    • Unlocking repair potential
    • Energy efficiency
    • Sustainable supply chain management

    Product Sustainability Corner

    Start your Ecodesign journey today!

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