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    July 1, 2024

    Changes to the meaning of N-mark certification



    In Norway, radio interference caused by electrical equipment was early determined to be a phenomenon needing control, with respect to public broadcasting as well as telecommunication. 

    At the time when Nemko approval of electrical equipment was mandatory in Norway, compliance with the radio inter-ference regulations was included in the requirements and hence in Nemko’s N-mark. This was not the case in the other Nordic countries or elsewhere in Europe. 
    With the growth of electronic equipment, which itself may also be affected by radio interference, the need for 
    electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electrical and electronic equipment became eminent, which resulted in establishment of regulations such as the European EMC directive  and international testing standards. 
    Then, the radio interference requirement in Nemko’s certification and the N-mark was replaced by proof of compliance with the EMC Directive. 
    At that time, compliance with applicable European harmonized standards allowed presumption of conformity with the relevant Directives, whereby the Nemko certificates could be used to document compliance with the governing European Directives. This option is, however, no longer possible.
    So, from 1 June this year, EMC is removed as a compliance criterium in the Nemko certificates and N-mark, whereby only compliance with the relevant European/Norwegian standards for electrical safety is required. 
    Hence, Nemko’s certification department will no longer require an EMC test report evaluated by Nemko or documented self-declaration of conformity with the EMC Directive in order to issue a Nemko certificate. 
    The documentation package requirement will otherwise remain the same.

    For further information and/or application for certification, please contact or

    (Article is based on the information shared by Skule Moe and Brad Myrvollen and edited by T.Sollie)

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