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    Subsea testing

    Nemko has long experience in environmental testing for the subsea segment of the energy industry. We can support you in all testing stages in your R&D process. This includes test planning and technical support for preparations and implementation of your test program.

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    Our test lab at Lysaker, Norway is well equipped for full reliability testing of your subsea equipment. Several climatic chambers can perform dry heat and low-temperature soak testing and thermic cycling. Our shaker systems are ready to do all your required vibration and shock tests.

    We can perform qualifying unit testing on both single boards and full systems as well as stress screening on production systems.

    Product testing

    Standard: API 17F
    • Q1 testing on PCB
    • Q2 testing on systems
    • ESS, Environmental Stress Screening, on complete systems

    Q1 testig

    Qualifying tests of boards or low-level sub systems. Thermal soak tests, thermal cycle tests, and vibration and shock tests. The purpose is to qualify that the boards are ready for integration into a larger system.

    Q2 testing

    Q2 is similar to Q1 but is performed on the complete system.

    ESS testing

    Stress screening of production units ready for delivery. ESS consists of thermal cycling and a soak test in addition to a short vibration. The purpose of the test is to ensure the production quality is maintained.

    In addition to reliability testing, we offer a fully equipped EMC lab and engineers with long experience in EMC testing for subsea equipment.

    Engineering test in the design phase

    Both API 17F and Equinor TR1233 state that HALT may be required to ensure quality for PCBs and products used in subsea installations.

    Nemko has an engineering test lab in Asker, Norway where we have stress test equipment that can support you early in your design period. A HALT/HASS chamber can be used to reveal weaknesses in the design, and in turn, save production cost and time to market as well as reducing product failure in the field.

    R&D testing

    • HALT, Highly Accelerated Life Testing
    • HASS, Highly Accelerated Stress Screening
    • Shake and bake – vibration combined with temperature stress
    • Several climatic chambers including a temperature shock testing chamber
    • X-ray machine for inspecting boards and units
    • Tensile machine for testing mechanical stress

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    Our team is ready to help with testing and certification in the subsea industry.

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